Sub Driver 2.0 LightSpeed EPS
Sub Driver 2.0 LightSpeed EPS
Sub Driver 2.0 LightSpeed EPS
Sub Driver 2.0 LightSpeed EPS

Sub Driver 2.0 LightSpeed EPS

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If you are a fan of epoxy surfboards then we recommend giving the SubDriver 2.0 LightSpeed EPS some serious thought. The Sub-Driver is one of the funnest performance boards out there and when it arrived in the new LightSpeed EPS tech we were pumped. This thing basically takes all the elements you loved about the Sub Driver and enhances them to create a super fast, lively performance board that you can throw around with ease. 

The Sub-Driver 2.0 was crafted by Matt Biolos for the Lost team to use in small to medium-sized surf, when they needed a board that had the ability to connect sections together even in mushy, sub-par conditions. Kolohe Andino, Griffin Colapinto and Carissa Moore (to name a few) are constantly reaching for it as one of their main go-to boards for competition and everyday surf.

The Sub-Driver 2.0 is a super forgiving performance board that is great in everything up to around 4ft - from mushy beach breaks to hollow reefs. The wider nose helps with landing punts and provides increased drive and the wider hip in the tail creates a pivot point that allows for tight, powerful turns even in average surf, where a standard high-performance board will struggle.

The wide nose and tail block combined with the low tail rocker and generous dims, allow the Sub Driver 2.0 to be ridden 1-2 inches shorter than a Driver 2.0 or similar performance shortboard.

Light Speed is our proprietary surfboard construction built with lightweight EPS foam and high strength epoxy resin. LightSpeed uses a combination of Rapid-Reflex Carbon Fiber as well vibration dampening Innegra-Fibers, woven into the finest custom performance fiberglass cloth. Like the name implies, LightSpeed is both light and exceptionally fast, allowing you to take your surfing to new levels of speed and Pro-formance.

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Taj Burrow x LightSpeed EPS

LightSpeed Construction

The Cut.

Stringer-less EPS blank, precisely pre-shaped by AKU-Shaper, CNC.

Fine tuned by hand.

Finished shaped and fine tuned by hand to perfection.


Carbon fiber is applied & laminated, with epoxy resin, to create an I-beam reinforcement.


Epoxy specific logos applied just right.


Deck laminated using a combination of custom composite fiberglass and Innegra weaves.


“Shaped” back to perfection