Driver 2.0 LightSpeed EPS
Driver 2.0 LightSpeed EPS
Driver 2.0 LightSpeed EPS
Driver 2.0 LightSpeed EPS

Driver 2.0 LightSpeed EPS

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Take your surfing to new levels of speed and performance with the Driver 2.0 LightSpeed. Surf faster, tighter and stronger today.

The Driver 2.0 Lightspeed is;

  • slightly thinner, yet more boxy rails through the tail, with more edge, for quick reaction from heel to toe and holding in while slicing through high speed carves.
  • more rail rocker through the tail, creating more curve and a deeper concave under the rear foot resulting in more POP and high-speed, short radius arcs and vertical pocket surfing off the tail.

Overall, the dimensions and volume are slightly up from years past, allowing the top pros more momentum and glide, yet still responsive ride. At the same time, allowing Bros more forgiveness and the ability to ride what the Pros are riding.

Light Speed is our proprietary surfboard construction built with lightweight EPS foam and high strength epoxy resin. LightSpeed uses a combination of Rapid-Reflex Carbon Fiber as well vibration dampening Innegra-Fibers, woven into the finest custom performance fiberglass cloth. Like the name implies, LightSpeed is both light and exceptionally fast, allowing you to take your surfing to new levels of speed and Pro-formance.

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Taj Burrow x LightSpeed EPS

LightSpeed Construction

The Cut.

Stringer-less EPS blank, precisely pre-shaped by AKU-Shaper, CNC.

Fine tuned by hand.

Finished shaped and fine tuned by hand to perfection.


Carbon fiber is applied & laminated, with epoxy resin, to create an I-beam reinforcement.


Epoxy specific logos applied just right.


Deck laminated using a combination of custom composite fiberglass and Innegra weaves.


“Shaped” back to perfection