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Evil Twin
Evil Twin
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Evil Twin

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Introducing theEvil Twin.

In addition to its convertible, multi-fin, adjustability, the most unique feature is its elevated wing. I was turned on to (and taught to shape) elevated wings by Max McDonald. Max developed them in conjunction with the Campbell Brother‚ Bonzer designs. Over the last decade we have used e-wings exclusively in our Japan specific line of small wave boards, with great success, literally making thousands of them, across various models. Now, for the first time, we are introducing e-wings globally. The elevated wing works with parallel outlines, allowing increased lateral speed, then drastically reducing surface area in the tail, to control and carry the speed into tight radius arcs. They create hyper extended rail rocker, which rolls into the wave face easily, engages and holds in turns. Positioned near the rear foot, e-wings add forgiveness, control, and ease of roll, to relatively wide, high volume, flat rocker boards.

The Evil Twin Features:

MR inspired Flat deck, and steep, tucked soft, rails, combined with a shallow single concave through the center.

Low tail rocker, with deep double concave vee, which works with the rounded pin tail, to balance speed with control.

Wide forward outline, with low entry rocker, that glides effortlessly. Built exclusively with Futures fins and boxes, the Evil Twin offers a myriad of performance options, each offering a unique approach to recreational wave riding:

Single Fin, solo: For minimalist point and glide, soulful arcs and long carves. Lovely in lined up point breaks.

Single with forward side-Bites‚ adding a bit of pump and slam to the single fin jam. The Side-Bites engage with the e-wing and raise the performance level. Especially in larger surf.

Twin Fins: Loose, quick and eternally playful in small surf. Free flying fun without the slidey surprises of wider tail twinnies.

Twin + Trailer: Locked and loaded twin fin with overdrive. Confidently carve and surf with power in all sizes of waves. My favorite set up for this board.