5’5 x 19 1/4… CENTURY | EPISODE 6: THE LAST CHAPTER (…for now)
And we are back! After a lengthy, lazy…and somewhat hazy, break, we have returned. For two and a half months, we’ve made you wait, but to be brutally straight, it's really quite great.Episode 6: Good ol’ fashioned surfing flicks, just for...

Episode 5 starts out in Hawaii and warms up with Mason Ho and his “pops”, in some reeling rocky right runners. 

Episode 4 kicks off, with Kolohe who channels the wise words of Tom n George, hand crafting his own garage days creation, to a famously familiar soundtrack, then travels Down Under, to the ubiquitous Morning of the Earth test track, in searingly strong, side shore, sweeping surf.
5’5″ 19 1/4…Century | Episode 3: Party Wave
Yago, Noah, Crosby, Ian Crane, Eric Geiselman and more whip out their fish in far-flung locations around the world!
5’5″ 19 1/4…Century | Episode 2: Old Guys Rule
All around the globe with Chris, Cory, Ian Crane, Taj Burrow & more!
5’5″ 19 1/4…Century | Episode 1: A Little Spark
Episode 1 catches up with Matt, recounting the hazy history of the RNF's humble inception.
Want Taj Burrow's Boards? We're Giving Away 4.
Yep, you heard right. We are giving away 4 of Taj Burrow's LightSpeed weapons he has been testing out for us over in Western Australia.
Griffin and Crosby do Hawaii
Check out the latest clip from the Cola Bros and what they have been getting up to in Hawaii.
Matt Biolos Talks ...Lost's Punk Rock Origins, And What It Means To Shape For The Best Of The Best

Via the WSL.

Influential Lost Surfboards shaper and San Clemente, CA local Matt Biolos shares stories from his long career working with some of the best surfers in history.

Faster. Lighter. Stronger... LightSpeed EPS
LightSpeed is a new EPS board creation from the master himself, Matt Biolos. A feather light and exceptionally fast new combination, allowing you to take your surfing to new levels of speed and performance.
...Lost in WACO

“Believe it or not, Kolohe and Griff had never been to Waco, so we figured this was our chance (and it was still not easy).”

Andy Irons’ Surfboards, Ridden By Griffin Colapinto, Ethan Ewing, and Seth Moniz

Check out this bonus scene from STAB's upcoming film, Andy Irons and The Radicals, where Billabong’s new Trilogy ride AI’s personal Mayhem, JS, and Arakawa boards in pumping waves.

The winning Stab In The Dark 2019 Board
This is Mayhem’s first SITD win in five attempts, but he’ll tell you that it counts as two-and-a-half wins, which puts him right at the top of the pack.
The Pro-Formance Series
For 30 years we have been designing and building surfboards based off of rider feedback and direction. From the earliest days designing for local hotshots, to decades of working with many of the worlds best surfers, performance surfing has always...
Lost x Lib Tech Surfboards
We will change everything you know about surfboards. Each of the 31 pieces used to construct our surfboards are new materials to the surf industry.