Taj Baby Buggy R4
Taj Baby Buggy R4
Taj Baby Buggy R4
Taj Baby Buggy R4

Taj Baby Buggy R4

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The Lost Baby Buggy is based off the high performance Beach Buggy model, but a little shorter, a little wide and a lot more fun. Developed with input from everybody's favourite frothing father: Taj Burrow.

This board surfs like an everyday performance shortboard, but gives you more room to move on smaller wave days. It has a more relaxed rocker, but the round tail extends the rail line, this gives you high performance capability and hold, especially in steeper sections. Along with the user friendliness of plenty of hidden volume, in the rails and tail.

The Taj Burrow Baby Buggy is made for fun in a wide variety of conditions, blending a performance orientated feel with a little more volume in the outline. Making it a shorter take of your standard shortboard. With this in mind, you will want to ride the Baby Buggy 1 to 2 inches shorter than your standard shortboard.

R4 Radiating Four Channel

Matt Biolos' take on the channel bottom, the “R-4” Channels are fast and loose in smaller to average waves, because they are angled not parallel, they work with the fins, encouraging radical direction changes, as well as drive in tight turns. The two outer channels are aligned with the toe in of the front fins, angled towards the nose. Where as the two inner channels are toed in a touch less. As a result the channels cut through the curve in the tail rocker and radiate out the tail, these give the substantially more grip, drive and speeeeed! The R4 Channels are fun, fast and exciting… and these hold their own, not only clean waves, but also even soft and sloppy surf.

Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos

Find out about the man behind ...Lost surfboards and Stab in the Dark Allstars winning shaper Matt Biolos.